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I Hope You Get a Rock for Christmas!

23 Dec

Recently I came across this ad from Nordstrom
I shared the snopes link here because I too thought it must surely be a hoax. Not so. To my amusement, I clicked around and also discovered it was available in 2 sizes so when considering this purchase you have the option to spend less for a smaller version because your potential gift recipient may not have room for the larger one.  Its just not a one size fits all kind of present and one must give thoughtful consideration to the appropriate rock size to be given and received.  If by chance you choose the wrong size, then the hassle of exchanging it would ruin everything.

Because I wanted to be sure I had stumbled upon the perfect gift to give this year, I gave myself a few days to think it over.  You can imagine my disappointment when I returned to the sight to make my purchase and found them to be sold out!  Sorry to say my dears, you will not be getting a Nordstrom rock from me this year.

My crafty DIY side kicked into gear at this point and I had an epiphany. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Home Depot sells rocks in a bag for around ten bucks!  Not only could I surprise my most cherished ones with a highly sought after rock, but I could give a rock to all on my list.  Rocks for everyone!  That thinking cap I got last year really comes in handy.

Here’s the thing about that thinking cap though. I think…it may have a mind of its own.  Instead of directing me to the nearest landscape department or prompting me to scour around the quarry, it caused me to consider the symbolism of rock giving; having a rock and being a rock. Like when you’re going through a rocky time, you probably need a strong, sturdy and supportive rock.  Or, you’re on top of the mountain and everything is rock solid in your world… you might feel like celebrating with something on the rocks.

So, this year I propose that we exchange rocks.  Feel the rock or be the rock whatever the occasion calls for. There’s no price tag on those kind of rocks regardless of size and exchanging is the best part!

“Rockin around the Christmas tree”……..

Joan is on the roll again.