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Only because there are shrooms in the pot…..

26 Sep

Ok, Ok.  Lately I’ve been hearing things.  Seeing things.  Its as if the universe is telling me its time to write again.  Its been quite a long time, I know.  When I began this a while back it was mostly experimental and I wasn’t convinced it was working out very well.  So, I thought I would try my hand at some other things. “Things” actually means gardening.  Since my backyard was very plain and uninviting I decided I would start there and add some plants to be enjoyed throughout the summer.  Feeling encouraged and determined, I purchased 10 various hanging and potted plants to put all around the yard.  I was careful to choose what I thought would be species that could tolerate blistering heat and drought.  Well, they lasted about as long as it has taken me to write this paragraph..   Mostly because I neglected to water them, thinking mother nature and the overspray from the sprinklers would do the trick.  Not so.  Dead.  All of them.  Pissed me off, so I left them hanging.  Pretty much like I neglected and stranded this blog.  Left it hanging.  My mind has been nagging me for a couple months now, saying “you should really take those dead, dusty, disgusting plants off of your fence now”.  Ya, ya… whatever   I’m making some sort of statement by leaving them there.  They weren’t meant to make it.  Its my own fault… blah blah blah   In the meantime, I’ve been getting messages from outside of my own mind that have been telling me to return to this blog.  Little hints from here and there giving me a shot of courage to try this again (couldn’t be any worse than gardening) and for the most part I’ve been ignoring those too.  Until today.  For whatever reason I decided that today was the day to admit gardening defeat and take down the forlorn dried up pots from my fence.  It was a somber task.  Then, I notice something in one of the pots!!   Life!!  In the form of mushrooms.  Three little fellers peering up at me as if to say “surprise, its not over yet, don’t give up!”  That’s all it took.  I saved the one pot with the shrooms, fixed me a drink and started typing.  We will see what happens now………..

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

“Winkin, Blinkin and Blog”