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Things I’m thankful for…..the infinite short list

24 Nov
  1. THE VOICES IN MY HEAD (that say things like….psssst you’ve always wanted to write, just do it)
  2. DANCING (with non-zombies)
  3. SPECIAL FRIENDS (and by special I mean ones that can fly, bake a mean arsenic-laced casserole,  cuss and threaten their tenants,  eat lasagna from a mug,  sing White Snake at the top of their lungs, help me fasten my jeans when they are too tight, take me to the impound yard in the middle of the night,  make me participate in group therapy once a year which just happens to be at the beach,…..and on and on and on)
  4.  SILLY HATS (and those who share appreciation for them)
  5. COLD, WET GRAY DAYS (or anything that promotes snuggling)
  6. LAUGHING UNTIL YOU CRY (or snort, squeak etc) and conversely….
  8. MAIL ORDER (you know that feeling when you receive the package? It matters not that you know it’s coming and you ordered it yourself…still a mood booster)
  9. ½ DOZEN EGGS  and ½ GALLON MILK (and the hope that someday there will be ½ loaf bread)
  10. YOU reading this list
  11. BONDS (all 8 of Webster’s definitions apply here)
  12. 12 TIMES INFINITY (to rattle off a dozen things in a few short minutes and know I could continue indefinitely is certainly something I am grateful for.)

 A Thanksgiving toast to everyone’s infinite short list….Cheers!