MUG-A-LASAGNA………the path to inspiration is around the strip center

27 Aug

How to share the same sense of humor and appreciation for single life….
Sunday afternoon texts with my friend DJ:

ME: Are you drinking right now?

DJ: No…not a drop today. Took a break.

ME: Why? Did you get drunk at the movie yesterday?

DJ: Ya, went to Movie Tavern and ordered the tanker mug. (Note: friends shouldn’t let friends go to movies alone)

ME: Ok….

DJ: It was funny because I drank it all by half way through the movie so I would kinda be ok to drive, but I may not have been quite right because I went out the wrong exit and had to walk all the way around the strip center! And I was carrying that big ass mug!!

ME: I’m picturing you and cracking up. Souvenirs from the movie! haha Send me a pic…

DJ: If you buy it, then you can fill it with anything at a discount…even dessert!! It could possibly be too much power, I’m not sure yet.

ME: What? They didn’t have a barrel?

DJ: oh wow….I’ll ask next time

ME: Um yes, I do want a gallon of ice cream please. Fill er up
Or you could make them fill it with cheeseburgers and fries next time!

DJ: You see how the power could be abused now!

ME: It scares me that I get why you had to have it.

DJ: Great Minds!

ME: I may not find my vehicle but I have this sweet big ass mug. And if I get really lost for a long time and maybe become homeless, I can always get my mug filled with food for a discount.

DJ: Hell yea! Priorities! HELLO!!! You do get it!

ME: Do they have Italian food because Mug-A-Lasagna would be awesome! Oh…I’m having visions of an all you can eat buffet in big ass mugs…..stand down cup-o-soup

DJ: I’ve created a monster.




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