13 Aug

When you are going through a shitty phase in life, you think about a lot of shit and at some point you have to stop and wonder, “Why do I let this shit get to me?” It’s not like I go looking for shit, but inevitably the shit hits the fan. Maybe it’s because I give a shit and isn’t that a good thing? Most people would agree that giving “a” shit is good, but if you remove the “a”, it’s not always good. Giving shit without an “a” can in fact piss people off. So the trick is to give a shit without giving shit. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Always give shit with an “a”. Shit alone is not good. But then doesn’t everyone shit alone? I kinda hope so. (The reason women visit the bathroom in pairs has nothing to do with this.) 
This is what happens when you think too much about shit. It’s a cycle that leads to everything turning to shit and you even start to make shit up and that is dangerous territory because why would you want to make shit up when shit happens all the time? All on its own! At this point you are just creating more shit. Stop the madness and finish that shit already. 
Note to pet owners: This shit doesn’t apply to pets. The steaming pile of poo on the carpet does not indicate that your pet gives a shit or that he/she is giving you shit. It’s a pile of shit! Stop calling it a present! 
It’s also not necessarily good to be full of shit, which is probably what you are thinking about me right now. You can give me your shit if you want to, but I doubt I’ll give “a” shit. I already gave 2 shits.
Summary: This mess contains 25 shit(s), 1 shitty and 1 shits (or 2 I guess). I’m not good at math.

It is said that when you have shit to deal with you should write about it, so I did. I feel so much better now that I let that shit out.

Can I get an O…Joan…!?



3 Responses to “LET’S TALK SHIT”

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