CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Wyker….you have a baby blog

13 Aug


If you have given birth you relate to the excitement and terror that goes along with hearing the announcement that your bundle of joy has arrived.   I compare those same feelings to those that accompany the launch of this blog.   The greatest success of my life so far has arisen from embarking on something I knew nothing at all about….motherhood.  As a child, I took piano lessons, but I don’t play well.  I took dance lessons, but I’m not a dancer.  I was a good student and have an education, but my career is less than desirable.  However, with no lessons, no role models, no training and no instructions, I managed to raise two wonderful children by pouring heart and soul into them and using the learn as you go method.  A miracle, I know!  One that I’m astounded by to this day.

So in launching this blog, I plan to go with what I know works, which is absolutely nothing. I am not a writer,  no background in journalism, English or other related subject that I can fall back on to help me here.   And yet, the blank pages are before me like my newborn children.   As I look at them, I feel nervous and unsure while at the same time I just want to pour my heart out.   Write or wrong, I’ll figure it out.   (yes, I know the difference between write and right) {I intended to use write, which is technically…wrong and quite possibly figuratively wrong as well (maybe I shouldn’t do this)}   Now you get it, right?   Write.  That’s just what I’m going to do……….stay with me.

This is going to make the headlines: Crusty Bachelorette Gives Birth!  Check tomorrow’s rag mags you guys.


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