Ok boys and girls……….LET’S BEGIN

12 Aug

Here’s how this got started: text w/my dear friend (Cinnamon)

1:13pm texting begins:

Me: Dance party was lame

Cinnamon: It just now got over? That would not be a lame party.

Me: True, but this one was lame. Did get to watch some really good dancing though. Oh ya, and a crusty old goober danced with me twice.

Cinnamon: What about your partner?

Me: See what happens when I put myself out there! Partner wasn’t there. I didn’t think he’d come. He’s kinda different
I danced with another guy too…I had to lead….awesome.
I left after that.

Cinnamon: At least your partner leads. (note: I’ve voiced that he isn’t a good dancer)

Me: ya, in a zombie kinda way

Cinnamon: Zombies are the in thing now.

Me: Lucky me.
I think I need to write a man blog. All about zombies, dipshits and crusty old goobers. Oh ya and Indian gas station clerks. And munchkins, lets not forget him.
I’m sure if I continue my research I can appeal to a wide audience. Be jealous “The Bachelorette”. Munchkins and dipshits and goobers…oh my
Book title?
or maybe…The 50 year old Bachelorette

Cinnamon: The Crusty Bachelorette (most encouraging)

Me: Thats it! Sounds crazy, but I’m seriously considering it. Its not like I make this shit up. Its my reality.

(Clearly there is more to add about munchkins, zombies, gas station attendants etc…etc…that comes later)

At this point, I’m getting pumped up about embarking on my new career (hobby) as a blogger…especially since my current career has spiraled into a steaming pile of shit. (more on that later) and the next text goes like this:

Cinnamon: You know what I want? Those things that you hang off the edge of the roof that catch rain. And yes, you should seriously do it!

Pause for effect……

Me: Because we get so much rain? Or because they look cool?

Cinnamon: These lemon cookies make me think of happy things. I’m finishing them off.

Me: Life is good!

Cinnamon: Now I’m sad they’re all gone.

Me: And then its not.
But you can get more and then life is food (predictive text) again. Good. Or food….as in lemon cookies.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I came to start a blog on which to share stories like this. Again…..I don’t make this shit up.

Love and laughs……


and a good friend are all you really need…………



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